Black and White photography for me, is very soothing to the eye.  Street photography is my favorite style to shoot, but when turning it black and white, you definitely get a different perspective on the shot.  The photo itself changes the story with the amount of color there is in the shot.  

The lines in this shot are much clearer to me than with color because the color is very vibrant in the original photograph.  This is my buddy Cristian from Chicago walking up an escalator in Prague on a weeknight of exploring and photographing.  

It is hard for me to say what is a good black and whit photo because it all depends on how I like it.  There are some photos that look better in black and white than others, and it all comes down to the first glimpse.  I like to shoot a plethora of photos in different settings before I take a gander at what came out.  The best way to shoot is to shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot and shoot until you run out of room on your card.  After you upload your photos to a hard drive or your computer, format the memory card, and start over.  This is what I was taught by multiple professors and professionals in the field.  

Here are some of my favorite Black & White photos I have taken: