"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and take a look around once in a while, you could miss it."



A Creative Communications agency that shares stories by creating campaigns, producing content, and helping the world to become a better place.  We are a group of individuals who have a creative drive to help the community grow, and be able to work with small businesses, individuals, schools, and non-profits to achieve their goals.

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/PeoplesWay is a production, marketing, and communications agency focusing in telling the interesting stories people want to see and read about.  We love to see video, photo, and words come to life in a moving way. There's shitty marketing, and great advertising. We want to make your brand and face a memorable one. We are not worried about giving you day to day CNN bullshit, but rather giving you topics that people enjoy talking about.  

My buddy Dave Andoh and I started this project based off his previous blog titled PeoplesWay.  We just adjusted the concept a bit and rolled with it.  We have so many ideas that we cannot seem to fathom the potential of something like this.  

I'd like to encourage everyone to invest in /PeoplesWay because it is not just your old run in the mill advertising agency.  It's something bigger and better.  

When I look at commercials today, I find myself repulsed at the fact that they are on TV.  Marketing is ruining advertising.  The creative architecture is deteriorating by the second, and it makes me sad.  

Our mission is to bring creatives together to share their stories through an agency that is looking to change the selfish society we live in. 

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