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Garage On Martha

CAscos garage .jpg

Garage On Martha

by The Cascos

The Cascos was a group of 4 of the closest dudes who spent hours on the weekends jamming in bedrooms and garages.  "Garage On Martha" is our prize possession.  We worked on this album for many hours recording in our drummer's garage on Martha street in Hamburg, NY.  We used two condenser mics and recording software.  In the end, we completed our debut album in 2013.  I wanted to share this masterpiece because I learned how to organize and record an album with recording software and equipment that we had.  This cost us almost nothing to produce, but brutal hours of pain being with each other.  


About the band:

Gabriel LaMarca - Bass/Harmonica

Jacob Smolinski - Vocals/Guitar

Coleman Berueffy - Guitar

Kerrick Woyshner - Drums


We played a plethora of live shows around Buffalo, NY.  We were also featured on Alt Buffalo 107.7 local radio station.  We also filmed a music video for our single "Calendars."