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The Playoffs?


This is the day.  It has come.  The Buffalo Bills have snuck into the playoffs by a set of circumstances that happened to go their way.  It's been a 17 year drought that has come to an end, and the feeling isn't overwhelming, it's comforting.  

It's been one of the worst years of NFL I have ever seen in my opinion.  From the suspensions, fights, the ruthless fans, and the REPLAYS that have ruined highlights and obvious touchdowns, it has been rough to watch.  But, there is one thing to be proud of, and that is the fact that we are in the playoffs.

The feeling is wonderful because sports are what make people tap into their emotions.  Sure, maybe we take it a little too far, but that's how humans are.  We are full of enthusiasm and passion.  We have a connection to our team because we believe we are a part of it.  There is no shame in being overly passionate about anything, and don't let some writer for the Buffalo News tell you that it's a psychological problem that you have.  

Yes, Rod Watson, I'm talking about you and your poorly written article in the paper.  It doesn't make too much sense when you write about how you are tired of hearing about the Bills, and you would rather see people shut up and do something about the political dilemma going on right now.  In the meantime, you are bitching about sports instead of doing something yourself.  Don't be a hypocrite.  You're just another sad writer that the Buffalo News has spit out because they have nothing else to talk about.  

I just want to say Go Bills, and keep being passionate about sports or whatever you are into. I'm speaking to everyone, not Rod Watson though.  It's not a problem if you cry after a loss, and it's not a problem if you cry after a win.  You're doing yourself a favor.  You're escaping reality when reality sucks.  Everyone does it, so don't stop doing it.  

Gabriel LaMarca