The lens is my friend, creativity is my frame. Ad man, photographer, music-phile, and a frisbee enthusiast from Buffalo, NY. 


A little bit about myself...

I am a creative thinker always trying to develop an incredible idea from a simple thought. I love to photograph the world, and I believe there is another story to be told while looking through the lens of a camera.  Still photos say more than what you think, they speak in many languages because every single person has a different voice.  Sometimes those invisible words are spelled out in a single shot.  Life is full of moments waiting to be captured, but not all moments should be.  We live in a digital world, in which we are born to use our technology at all times, but sometimes we miss those moments because we're distracted by all of the technology.  For me, being a photographer doesn't mean shooting till the trigger is broken, it means pick and choose your shots.  Savor those moments, and capture those long-lasting memories.

I am also an aspiring writer.  I wasn't an avid reader when I was forced to read for school because obviously most kids are rebellious.  I read what I had to, and that was it.  The Digital World does not encourage yutes to be readers either. It's a sad reality, but we can always change the way we do things.  It wasn't until I traveled Europe that I realized so many people were reading books on subways and trams.  There were a few degenerates on their phones, but most people were either reading or just sitting there.  I started to pick up reading books again once I got familiar with my surroundings in Prague.  Besides, I was going to be there for four months. After that, I tailed off again when I went back to the states at college. I didn't pick up a novel until this past year.  The rest is history.  Reading has fascinated my thoughts in a way that drives me to write.  Journalism is something that goes along with photography because you can take a shot and also write about it.  Investigating the truth is something that makes me want to write even more.  Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward who wrote "All the President's Men" and kickstarted the investigation into the Watergate Scandal, and Robert Graysmith, the cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle during the rein of the Zodiac killer who became so obsessed with discovering the killer's identity that he went and wrote a book about it.  These guys are my inspiration for journalism.  In the other world, the fiction world, there are an abundant amount of writers who inspire me.

These are some of the things I strive to be better at.  I want to be a creator of amazing ideas.  Photography and Writing are parts of the creative innovator that I am.  Storytelling is what drives me to work on those parts.

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I am a freelance Creative, who can help with many of your digital/print marketing needs.  Whether it's designing an ad, photographing an event, or marketing your business, I can put my skills to the test. Please fill out this form below if you would like some help with you next project.  I am happy to be of assistance!


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