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Tai Pei 

A clean and concise marketing plans book for the Keep It Clean campaign for Tai Pei Asian Frozen Cuisine.  



Brand Hack

Brand Hack is an annual mini digital marketing competition at the University of Buffalo.  I attended with three others from our AAF creative department.  We were required to help create a mini marketing plan for Danceability, which is a Dance studio dedicated to the handicapped.  They have a big dance recital every year.  We had to come up with a new logo, new copy for the campaign, and other digital marketing strategies and tactics.  At the end, we were to present our plan.  Then, the judges would pick the winner.  Here are the new logos and snap chat filter we designed:

Synapse Matters

- a marketing/advertising agency in which we design a marketing plan for a start-up company or a struggling entity.  GoSocial, a luxury shuttle service for entertainment on a weekend in Buffalo, African American Cultural Center of Olean, NY, and Danica Roem, who is running for office in Virginia were our three clients.  I worked heavily on Go Social, which is doing very well in the city of Buffalo.